A Letter from our Director

Moya Centre’s Board of Management, Staff, Community Cadres, and Beneficiaries would like to express our gratitude to our donors for their support in 2022. In our target area, Lobamba Lomdzala, our organization was able to continue helping around 700 beneficiaries. Notwithstanding the shortage of donor funds, Moya Centre pledges to carry on working with families and children in this Constituency.

Our approach for 2023 is to provide a holistic package that focuses on several service areas, including Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV Prevention, Education, Psychosocial Support, Livelihood, and Income Generation amongst others. We are proud of our strong beneficiary engagement programs as most of the work will still be carried out by on the ground volunteers such as Community Caregivers, Youth Leaders, and Club Facilitators.

However, we are at the juncture whereby for our resource team to continue offering services, we must find long-term funding. The past two years have been very hard on a global and national level but the impact that is has had on non-profits have been felt profoundly. We have had to decrease our service reach as we scale up our fundraising so we can still continue serving a community that needs it.

We are grateful for the new supporters and in-kind donors that have been assisting us in the past year. Your contributions have gone a long way in filling the gaps that a decrease in funding has created. In conclusion, Moya Centre is still committed to supporting Lobamba Lomdzala and we promise to keep using hardship to our advantage even in this season.

Moya Director,

Mrs Nomcebo Makhubu – Sifundza

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