Future Projects

With SAHEE: Possible increase in IGA projects for Caregiver homesteads in Lobamba Lomdzala through the introduction of Micro-loans.

SWAGAA: Sharing data on interventions related to child protection and social welfare of children.

REPSSI: Ongoing technical support to improve data collection and analysis of PSS projects and programs.

Recycling Projects and Carbon Footprint Reduction: By using old products such as tires and bottles, Moya is recycling things into toys, instruments, and other cool stuff! The Moya Centre is also reducing their use of polyurethane foam products and plastic utensils.

Moya Centre Herb Garden: By recycling old tires and reclaiming unused space in our courtyard, the Moya Centre has begun building small herb gardens to show that even the smallest gardens can have huge impacts.

Church Focused Community Outreach: The Moya Centre has hired a liaison officer to start approaching churches in the Lobamba Lomdzala area to enter into a discussion regarding how best to discuss sexual reproductive health with youth in the community.