Network of NGOs and Local Partners

Moya Trust Board of Trustees

Chair lady: Nosipho Gwebu Storer

Treasurer: Susan Jane Cox

Members: Anthonia McLeod, Anthony Marshak, Mandla Mazibuko

Partner High Schools:

Lobamba Lomdzala High School (LLHS) 467 students

Lobamba National High School (LNHS) 953 students

St John Bosco High School (St JBHS) 376 students

Partner Primary Schools:

Mphetseni Primary School 258 students

Mahlanya Community School 579 students

Bethany Mission School 530 students

Esitjeni Primary School 305 students


Julie Moore

Aaron Levine

National and Regional Governmental Links

  • Ministry of Education and Training and Regional Institute for Education and Training: Moya’s strategic plan is directly informed by the objectives set out in the National Plan of the MoET and the educational SDG’s of UNICEF. The Moya Centre frequently meets with:

–     ETGPS: Department of Educational Guidance Testing and Psychological Services within MoET

–     NCU: National Coordinating Unit for Schools as Centres of Support, Teaching and Learning within  MoET

–     SWAP: Sector Wide Approach to Planning coordinated by MoET officers.

  • Regional Coordinating Unit: Moya is part of the ReO of Manzini and liaises frequently with its counseling department for Restorative Justice cases.
  • Regional Psycho-Social Support Institute: Moya has mainstreamed its PSS programs with the technical support of REPSSI’s training and tools; the training manual “The Journey of Life”; and the 13 Social Connectedness cards.
  • Domestic Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit at Malkerns Police Station: Moya’s PSS department works very closely with the DCS unit for any case in their area.
  • Social Welfare, Headquarters and Manzini Office: Assistance is sought for Birth Certification and tricky cases of abuse.

Collaborations with NGOs

  • Guba: Trained 4 caregivers, 2 staff members, and a parent of Moya in permaculture through their 18 month Growing Resilient Communities course.
  • Swaziland Homeopathy Project: The clinics at Moya continue every fortnight for the 10th consecutive year.
  • Vusumnotfo: Trained an ECD staff member and a Caregiver in “Growing children straight and strong”, a child development and parenting skills course to capacitate communities in parenting.
  • Kwakha Indvodza: Moya collaborates with the male mentoring program in Mahlanya and co-facilitates the activities of Kaiizen on their annual visit.
  • Nhloso Likhusasa Le’lichakazile: NLL provided financial and life skills support for 4 of Moya’s School leavers in ECD tertiary course programs and Secretarial training.
  • Yebo Artreach: This year, Yebo completed the second half of the mosaic on Moya’s court yard and facilitated the Tibi Tendlu film screening and discussion which was funded by USAID.
  • Umsimisi Community Project: Facilitated the first screening of Tibi Tendlu from the perspective of gender equality.
  • Peace Corps Swaziland: Provided Moya with a Peace Corps Volunteer Aaron Levine this year
  • FHI 360: Provided technical support to Moya in setting up two savings schemes.
  • Kaiizen: A group of college students with accompanying staff visits annually and gives generously of their time in community service projects.
  • Woza Moya: A sister CBO in Ixopo KZN of whom we received technical support in building staff capacity; ELMA Philanthropies was instrumental in brokering this relationship.

Participation in NGO Networks

  • CANGO: Moya is a member of the children’s consortium
  • ECD Network: Moya attends monthly meetings coordinated by Bantwana
  • Maths and Science Department and Teachers Across Borders South Africa: Moya facilitated the link between MoE and TAB-SA. They promote interactive Maths and Science teaching through training Master Trainers of Teachers.
  • SWANCEFA: Moya was represented in the 3 day workshop that was tasked to write a policy paper in EII – Early Identification and Intervention