Just like in the classroom, there are simple and clear expectations for a supreme garden. A garden shouldn’t be just about having vegetation in it, but a different variety of vegetables make it livelier. From raised plots with different shapes providing a beautiful layout, this shows your dedication to making your garden a success. The main goal is having your family benefiting from the garden, and for that to be likely your garden should be well fenced and always be upright. A good yield will be evidence of gardening throughout the year.

It is compulsory for each and every sponsored student to own a door-sized garden, with a minimum of at least three different vegetables from it. As an organization we felt there is a need of encouragement amongst our sponsored kids for them have vigor to do what is expected of them (door-sized gardens), hence it is why we introduced the Motivational gifts motion to award students with outstanding gardens. A student with an outstanding garden gets a 10L watering can, tree, two cups mixed seedlings, hand fork, and a hand space as an award.

Learners with outstanding gardens are;

  • Mdluli Kwanele Siphesihle, Lobamba National High School, Form 2
  • Dlamini Nhlanhla Mphumelelo, Lobamba National High School, Form 5
  • Sikhondze Nkhosifezile , St Annes High School, Form 5
  • Mabuza Temashabalala, Lobamba National High School, Form 5
  • Motsa Sonto, Lobamba Lomdzala, Form 2

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