Established in 2005, the Moya Centre’s Preschool started with five critically vulnerable and disabled children being taught by Carol and Thembie with free tuition and a daily meal. In 2016 an unfinished and under-used building in Mphofane was scouted for its prime location for a second Preschool. The Moya Centre secured funds to finish the construction of the structure and provided a trained teacher to complete the new Preschool. An existing playschool in Ngodini was upgraded to a preschool just this year, which brought the total number of trained teachers the Moya Centre provides to five plus one assistant teacher for sixty-eight young children in the Lobamba Lomdzala region. Preschool prepares the attending children for Primary School through basic education and socialization. Story telling is a critical part of this Preschool education that teaches moral lessons through traditional mediums and themes.  Such stories are also able to invoke strong emotions in the children listening which then can be used to discuss trauma and abuse that the child may be suffering in a confidential space.