The Healthy Pro-active Living Program is a new initiative at Moya. Yet, it encompasses a way of life we have been promoting for years. This program includes agricultural initiatives along with life skills education and financial planning. The goal is the give our beneficiaries the knowledge and tools to build a healthy life where they can sustain themselves.

The transition from food provision to food production is necessary in order for the community to thrive on it’s own, without outside resources. We want to get to a place where food parcels are not necessary, as families are growing their own in their gardens. And we are well on our way with our agricultural initiatives for our beneficiaries as well as for Moya Centre.

We want our youth beneficiaries to be prepared to live a full and healthy life. Our youth clubs teach them a variety of life skills that prepare them for adulthood, and the decisions they will have to make in their future.

Our savings schemes allow Moya caregivers and staff to learn valuable skills on financial literacy and saving, stepping away from poverty and subsistence purchasing.

This program is just beginning, and there is great potential for growth of projects in the future. We are very excited to promote a healthy lifestyle by pro-active means to out beneficiaries. Stay tuned for updates!