Food Security: Provision-Protection-Production

Moya Centre Kitchen

We have our own kitchen that we use to cook nutritious meals for all the children of the Preschools and Kids Clubs in the area. Our cook Nana makes lunch for the three Preschools Monday through Friday and a meal once a week for the Kids Clubs of Mavis and Luphahleni. The meals are either mixed vegetable stew or beans served with rice. Nana also prepares fifty liters of the traditional fermented corn drink emahewu every day for the children of the Afternoon Club. Emahewu is made of mealie meal, water, and sugar to provide a filling and invigorating drink for the children that come study at the Afternoon Club.  Seasonal greens, cabbages, carrots, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes in the mixed vegetable stew are provided by the Moya Centre Garden and is usually eaten by the very same children that watered and harvested the vegetables.  The Moya Centre also receives generous donations from Woolworth’s two/three times monthly which is used in the preparation of meals in the Kitchen when they are available.

Moya Centre Garden

The Moya Centre Garden was started in 2015.  What was once a small collection of tomato plants along one fence in the corner of the Moya Centre has turned into twelve square meters of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Our garden is a perfect example of permaculture with its natural water collection, efficient design, inter-cropping, and a small seed resource centre.  Masoka started working by himself until he enlisted the help of a Grade 1 student who Masoka put in charge of water, planting, and cleaning the garden. Today, the garden is chiefly maintained by Grade1 and Grade 2 Primary school students. The food grown here is prepared in the Moya Centre Kitchen and provides food for the three Preschools the Moya Centre is affiliated with in the area.  There is even enough produce to provide healthy snacks for the students who helped grow the garden, too!