To ensure food security for our Sponsored Children, Moya reconnected with its sister CBO, Guba, the only permaculture organization in Swaziland for the purpose of creating more food security gardens in the area. In 2018, two staff members and four Caregivers graduated from Guba’s intensive Growing Resilient Communities (GRC) course. This achievement sets us in a better position to tackle the problem of nutrition and food security; it also gives us a solid base to grow the capacity of our Caregivers and the children they look after to form a sustainable solution to food security. In the greater Lobamba Lomdzala there are now 34 Caregivers either running or in the process of building their own garden which collectively feed 246 children in the community every day. The gardens serve as a focal point in the relationship between the Caregivers and their children. What occurs is a mix of Social Connectedness and increased food security. Our gardens provide a large variety of fresh fruits, vitamin packed vegetables, and eleven kinds of herbs.

Door-Sized Gardens

From there, we have started a new initiative for 2019: Door-Sized Gardens. All of our sponsored children have been mandated to build a small garden that they are responsible for on their homestead. This is the only mandatory activity to receive a sponsorship from Moya Centre(aside from passing school and living within our catchment area), with the goal of creating resiliency and self-sustainability for these students. To grow one’s own food is to fulfill a basic necessity in life. The students began building the gardens in November and December of last year, and for some, the results are already noticeable as green veggies have become a staple in their diet, a healthy addition to each meal.