Interconnected Child Development Program (ICDP)

The Integrated Child Development Program (ICDP) works on three main fronts to capacitate Caregivers and lead to the sustainable improvement of the lives of the children in the greater Lobamba Lomdzala constituency.  Psycho-Social Support, Restorative Justice and Social Connectedness encourages and supports children in integrating into their communities inside and outside of their traditional family structures to find better academic or economic opportunities, gain confidence in themselves and the institutions around them. Moya’s ICDP program endeavors to inspire children and youth to formulate their own goals through  identifying and utilizing opportunities that arise. The ICDP also focuses on Education to strengthen the future of the local children and increase the capacities of the community Caregivers. Education deals with Preschool and Early Childhood Development, Afternoon Clubs for primary school aged children who want to study after school, Youth Clubs for life skills training for in and out of school youth, and giving Sponsored Children financial, social, and academic support so they can get through school. Finally, through the application of Permaculture principles Moya hopes to instigate and encourage productive and diverse local gardens. While Swazi culture has deep roots in the culture of agriculture, the Permaculture program at the Moya Centre hopes to bring the means of comprehensive food production closer to home and foresees a future “fair share” practice that embraces the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable children and elders in the community.