Child Abuse:

Vuyisile looked out the window one day to see three naked children, ages two to five walking with their father to meet their mother in front of the Moya Centre. When asked by Vuyisile as to why the children were unclothed, their father blamed their mother and accused her of locking their children in the house by themselves for an entire weekend with no food or water while he was working in Nhlangano. Vuyisile offered to come by the homestead; she arrives later with two other Caregivers to find the mother and father in the midst of a physical altercation in front of the children. The three Moya representatives invite the fighting couple to come to the Moya Centre and engage in Restorative Justice. Once there, the father again accuses the woman of neglecting their children and in response the mother asked the man to pack his things and leave their rented home for fear of her own safety and that of the children. Vuyisile offers to drive the mother to her parental home where the Moya Centre talks with the mother’s family and it is agreed that the children come live with them and their mother. The PSS department later discovers that a neighbor had come regularly to the rescue of the children when they were heard crying. It also became clear that the woman was an alcoholic and the owner of the house the family was renting from was afraid to throw the abusive mother out of the house for fear of the effect it would have on the children. As of now the couple is divorced but their father still supports his children at their maternal home; the owner of the rented house has thanked Moya for resolving the issue.

Social Isolation:

A girl from Lobamba Lomdzala High School was excluding herself from everyone else at school. Whilst those at school were reportedly too afraid to approach her, one male Peer Supporter came to her with a book to read some stories and open a dialogue. After awhile the Peer Supporter asked what the reason for her isolation is and the girl began to cry. The male Peer Supporter told some female Peer Supporters of the situation and they approached the girl. The lone girl revealed to her new friends that both of her parents had recently passed away and some boys from her neighborhood were abusing her verbally because of it. At that point the girl was so afraid of other people that she fetched water at odd times to avoid being teased, mainly about her clothing. The Peer Supporters brought the case to Vuyisile who used the Social Connectedness tool to open the dialogue further. After some counseling from Vuyisile and second-hand clothes from Moya the girl is back to a healthy level of self-confidence and will be going to the next form of High School this coming year.

Restorative Justice:

A 16-year old high school girl was impregnated by her boyfriend. When her father found out he threw her out of the house and took her to the boy’s homestead. The mother of the girl reported the situation to Vuyisile. Vuyisile approached the father and over three RJ sessions it was revealed that he was mad that his only daughter had become pregnant. That  he had already paid her school fees yet she might not be able to finish her year of school also added to his aggravation. After this key concern was addressed by the Moya Center through finding a place for the girl to write her exams at the end of the year, mostly all was forgiven by all parties. The girl’s father thanked Moya for intervening and allowing him to think clearly about his feelings on the situation and for making sure she wrote her exams. The girl is back home, but her father has said that the expected child will not stay with them and instead stay at the father’s homestead. Vuyisile has vowed to rectify this to keep mother with child but knows that the father is too angry right now to change his mind and so she will address the situation in further RJ sessions.


A Moya Caregiver came across a seven year old boy who was living with his aunt and being taken care of by his blind grandmother. His father had passed away and his mother had abandoned him and he was not attending Preschool. The boy was brought to the Preschool at the Moya Centre where he was found to be physically stunted, had ringworm, low self-esteem, and was not immunized.  Through the help of the ECD Caregivers he was taken care of, immunized, is no longer afraid of interacting with others, and is now attending Primary school.