Moya Centre greatly strengthened our partnership with MTN Bushfire this year, and it could not have gone better!

We began this year’s partnership with the International Women’s Day event in March, shortly after the Bushfire launch, which you can read more about in our previous post. The concept of #LOVEYOUFIRE, along with the inspiration from the IWD girls, and how they expressed their own self-love, carried over into the actual festival in the form of an interactive mural. Festival-goers had the opportunity to let us know what they love about themselves, which left them standing there for a minute, thinking about their own self love. This was the main objective of our first ever activation in the Bring Your Fire Zone. The final result is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

In addition to the mural, the Bushfire team also gave a wonderful opportunity to a dance group who are beneficiaries of Moya, and who performed at the IWD event. Ten teenage girls from one of our Youth Clubs were invited to the festival to perform several times for festival attendees. It was so inspiring for them, as crowds gathered around, appreciating their traditional dances. These girls have lived next door to Bushfire since its inception, and finally had the chance to join in the festivities of such a beautiful event.

We also kept the fire burning in our Kid Zone stall, a space we have occupied for many years. We provide a comfortable spot for the youngest fire starters and their parents to change nappies, breastfeed and play. With the theme of Superheroes in this area, we also incorporated an arts and crafts activity of creating superhero capes. As in previous years, Bushfire invited an additional 10 younger children from our Afternoon Club to also come experience the festival. These children were taught a catchy song about self-love, and explored the whole festival for two days while singing this tune.

We are very happy about our growing partnership with our neighbors at Bushfire. It is great exposure to our children in regards to creativity and artistic expression. It also gives these children pride in their involvement with Moya Cantre. We plan to keep the #loveyourfire burning not only at the festival but every day, for years to come.

Please reach out if you are interested in providing a sponsorship or in-kind donation for the 2020 International Women’s Day Event! Our girls deserve the best event possible, and with you help, it IS POSSIBLE!