Retroactive Justice

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a key tool of the PSS Department, a vital service that Moya provides, and a valuable skill that increases the capacities of community members. RJ is a style of adjudicating that requires both parties are willing to move on from a conflict. This starts from the understanding that reconciliation comes from within. RJ is not unfamiliar to Swazi culture since traditional family structures dictated that most harming and harmed parties were blood related and any justice meted out must be appropriate for the entire family’s wellbeing. With RJ’s holistic approach to conflict management the Moya Centre is able to approach problems with an open attitude. Such communal justice is then spread around the community and allows community members to learn a new skill that would otherwise prevent them from approaching some conflicts entirely. RJ is used with all conflicts in the Kids clubs, Youth and Afternoon Clubs and is taught to the Peer Support counselors at the High Schools. In 2016 the Moya Centre continued training 14 of its school counselors and 12 ReO Counselors of the 4 regions and 2 Moya staff members through the CIE (Catholic Institute for Education). In 2017 Mrs. Nkambule and Mr. Adams introduced the RJ concept to the Primary school and High school staff, school committee representatives and administrators of our 4 Primary Schools and 2 High Schools. It is a goal of the ICDP that RJ be the chief means of adjudicating disputes among community members.

In 2017:

61 High School Teachers

57 Primary School Teachers

12 School Administrators

12 School Committee Members

Attended RJ Workshops held by Moya Centre

And 328 Children Were Counselled in Restorative Justice January 2016—June 2017