Social Connectedness

Social Connectedness is a primary human need; to find one’s proper place in society and one’s role to play in the tangled web of humanity. At the Moya Centre we take a special focus on this need; the OVCY’s and homesteads that the Moya Centre partners with are especially susceptible to becoming detached from the community at large due to economic or familial hardships. This disconnect can lead to ill feelings such as fear or sadness, depression, social anxiety, and other negative emotional states. In coordination with REPSSI (Regional Psycho-Social Institute), the Moya Centre’s staff and 15 of its caregivers have been trained in the use and implementation of the 13 Social Connectedness Cards that depict personal experiences of varying degrees of positive and negative emotional states. These cards successfully allow people to open up about their own personal experiences to foster an open and honest dialogue about their social isolation. Social Connectedness has been used in counseling cases, Restorative Justice, referrals in Youth Clubs, and with all Sponsored Children. We get people talking to get them connected to their communities.