Moya Centre buys Uniforms for Primary School children

Moya Centre once again donated school uniforms to disadvantaged learners from our local partner Primary and High schools in Lobamba Lomdzala. The schools that have received uniforms are: Lobamba Lomdzala High, Lobamba National High, St. John Bosco High, St. Anne’s High, Mahlanya Primary, Esitjeni Primary, Bethany Mission Primary and Mphetseni Primary Schools. The uniforms donated included tunics, jerseys, shirts and socks. This is an activity that usually take place in the beginning of the year but was delayed by the closing of schools due to COVID-19. Moya has spent E 150,000 on uniforms this year, which included the uniform items of 2020 that we failed to give out due to the pandemic. Stationery items and funds were also donated to the schools between 2020 – 2021. This donation drive was covered by our main donor supplemented by Global Giving action.

Moya Centre works with 4 high schools and 4 primary schools around Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla. In the schools, our officers work close with the headteachers and career guidance teachers in identifying children that are in need. Moya Centre also support the schools in many other different ways, including breakfast and hygiene hampers. Working together the organization saw a need for uniforms in these schools. Most schools reported that they have kids who come from poor background, some are orphans and others come from child headed homes.  

It was for such reasons that Moya Centre took the initiative to support the children with school uniforms. This is an initiative that the organization does every year to ensure that children from poor background also get uniforms. You can help Moya provide uniform for these children by donating to the details below:

Holistic School Sponsorship for 20+ Swati Students – GlobalGiving



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