The Education Department is a pillar of Moya, catering to every age of School going children. It encompasses three main projects: Two community Pre-Schools, an Afternoon club for Primary learners and holistic School sponsorship for High-Schoolers. Moya Centre has 8 partner Schools, 4 High Schools and 4 Primary Schools, they work directly with on a variety of initiatives each year. The relationship has grown strong over the years, leading to a high level of collaboration.


Moya Centre currently runs two community Pre-Schools; one at the centre in Mahlanya, and a second one in the Mahlanya uMphakatsi. We charge a nominal tuition fee, which goes back into running the Preschools, and also holds parents and guardians accountable for their children’s education. In the first quarter of each school year, the Psycho- social Support (PSS) department offers a Parental Skills Workshop to all parents and guardians of our Pre-schoolers. Throughout the year, our Case Management department attends to children and parents/guardians alike who might need Psycho-Social support.


The Afternoon Club program sponsored by SAHEE Foundation allows Moya to act as a safe house for children in the community. The Club offers English language and Mathematics tutoring along with an opportunity for positive social development. Since it’s inception in 2007, over 2000 children have benefited from this program. Moya Alumni who recently graduated High School with good marks and a positive disposition are interviewed for the part – time positions of Afternoon Tutors. The children are divided by grade so they can be tutored appropriately. They are also given a maize drink, freshly made by the Moya kitchen daily. Activities for this program include short term Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender Dynamics workshops, skills building; such as martial arts or cultural exchange through song, poetry, skits and dance.


Moya High School Sponsorship is a holistic package that includes all top-up fees, School uniform items every two years, a school bag and stationery each year. Along with ongoing educational guidance, mentorship and support. Since the start of this program in 2009, 800 students have been sponsored for at least four years of school in one of our 4 partner High Schools in Lobamba Lomdzala. Please see our Global Giving Donation link to help us raise funds to keep our children in School: Holistic School Sponsorship for 20+ Swati Students – GlobalGiving .

Design Your Future Project

Funded by Solon Foundation, Design Your Future Educational Assistance Project was built to mirror another program happening in the Country, Nhloso Likusasa Lelichakazile, but has been modified to fit our organization and alumni. Piloted in 2020,  this project provides tuition for a short course of trade school, a living allowance and guidance that is complimented by a year – long professional life skills component. These life skills prepare each student for life after they complete their continued education. Once the students complete the course, they are obliged to pay back 25% of their educational fees to Moya. This promotes self-sustainability, commitment and taking full ownership over their own education and choices.

Ten students were selected to go through the program in 2023 and are currently still enrolled for their courses. Covid-19 and Political unrest in the country interrupted the school year significantly but the students have shown great resilience and none have dropped out. The program is of great benefit to our alumni population- allowing them to remain competitive in a country with a 50% unemployment rate for youth, while also assisting them to find a livelihood through something they truly enjoy doing.