Based on the needs of the catchment area Moya opted to decrease the number of Kids Club in 2019. It was assessed that some communities would benefit more from a Youth Club than a Kids Club. However, where there is a significant number of young children with no affordable preschool within walking distance and no Neighborhood Care Point (NCP) the Kids Club proved to be of extreme value. The Clubs are sponsored by SAHEE Foundation.


Kids Clubs meet within communities each week for 2 hours, where MC caregivers and youth leaders facilitate lessons on growth and life skills. A total of 1526 kids have taken part in this program since 2016. Topics taught in Kids Clubs are: Abuse, Moral Development, Social Development, Road Safety, Healthy Living, Emotional Development, Water and Environmental Dangers. This year members received food parcels and books through Book Dash and each club has a special end-of-year event.


Pre-teen clubs were introduced in 2020 after an observation was made that there was a gap between our Kids Clubs and Youth Clubs. Children aged 7-11 were not fitting into either group, yet in some communities, many children fell into this population. Focusing on this age gap helps proliferate the life skills lessons that the kids have been taught in the Kids Clubs. While on lockdown, our ECD team worked diligently to update the club curriculum so Caregivers and Youth Leaders could teach our children lessons on a variety of topics. Included was Covid-19 safety and precautions.


In 2019, Moya Centre grew the number of youth clubs to 11, including 7 community clubs and 4 in primary schools, known as Health Clubs. Each of these clubs meet once per week. The curriculum used is that of US Peace Corps GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and BRO (Boys Reaching Out) programs. Youth clubs give young people, from 12-19 years old, a safe place to become educated on a plethora of topics, obtaining the knowledge to live healthy, proactive and confident lives.


As shown in this graph, the topics discussed include: self-esteem, leadership and communication, gender roles and relationships, violence and abuse, healthy living, sexual reproductive health, goal-setting, decision making, making changes, and preparing for the future. 2021 marks the fourth year of running Youth Clubs. The Youth Club program is showing to be very popular and impactful. It will continue to develop over the next few years to include topics such as Gender Equity, SRH and rights.