Moya Approach and Our Programmes

For the most up-to-date and in-depth look at what we do, please look through our most recent Annual Stakeholders Report:

Moya Centre Annual Stakeholders Report 2019

The Moya Centre practices a holistic approach which acknowledges the person, the family, the school and the community. All are inter-dependent. Moya Centre’s programs and projects aimed at: • Support at an individual and family level for OVCs • Support for schools • The broader community context At the heart of its programmes stands the child interconnected with its family, the school and its community. Our aim is to build up the emotional resilience, support and confidence of our children so they can complete their schooling careers successfully. To ensure that each child has sufficient guidance and mentoring our psycho-social support department is involved in all programmes. Our officers are consulted in matters of school choice, food security, educational challenges, accommodation and so on.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To help support generations of self-sufficient, responsible young people who have survived adversity to lead Swaziland toward a stronger, healthier future.

Our Mission

To create opportunities and provide a support network for disadvantaged children to realize their full potential throughout their school years while promoting individual and communal well-being.