Gardening & Permaculture

Funded by SAHEE Foundation, the Permaculture department encourages a move from food provision to food production. Moya has promoted gardening ever since its inception and in 2019 Moya scaled up their gardening initiative by implementing a mandatory door size garden in our beneficiaries homes. We provide education and practice of food production on our premises, teaching Afternoon Club members, Pre-Schoolers and sponsored students about permaculture principles and the importance of gardening.

All sponsored students will be required to upkeep a garden of any size suitable for their living situation right on their homesteads. They were provided with the education and resources to build their gardens, and are checked on regularly by HPL staff to motivate them and to ensure they are putting in the work to provide fresh nutritious vegetables for themselves, and their families. Of course projects such as this start off bumpy, with students not comprehending the all year round aspect, with much of the group seeing the real benefit of this task. The door – sized garden project is teaching how to be responsible and self-reliant, and has shown Moya nothing but positive results.

Moya Kitchen

Another vital piece to the functioning of Moya programs is the Moya Kitchen. The cook is responsible for providing daily meals to both community preschools, Kids Clubs once per week, and Youth Clubs bi-weekly. Every other meeting is provided with fruits instead of a full meal as we want children and youth to not only attend for food, but for the lessons they are learning. It also provides emahewu to all of the Afternoon Club members every day for the four days a week the program runs.

The Moya Kitchen also provides meals for every training and workshop that takes place at Moya Centre, and Friday meals for Moya staff. The kitchen is situated right next to the Moya garden, and the cook and permaculture officer work together to ensure fresh ingredients are used in meals on a regular basis. The Moya kitchen also invites Afternoon Club Members to assist the cook, learning how to prepare healthy meals.

Inter-generational Livestock Income Generating Project

A project Moya Management had been working towards finally came to life in 2020 with the Inter-generational Livestock Income Generating Project. Funded by the US Embassy Eswatini and implemented by Moya’s HPL department, 5 teams of two, one older Moya Caregiver and a youth counterpart, have been trained on both business skills through a US-based curriculum and livestock care before they began building appropriate housing and received their animals- either goats or pigs- which will be used in starting lucrative businesses in their communities. All of the teams had their initial trainings and their animals by the end of 2020 and will be supported by Moya throughout 2021. We are already observing the impact of this project in the 5 communities as our inter-generational teams are now seen as change-makers and entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to see their businesses thrive.