Moya’s patron is Babe Magingindane Dlamini, Indvuna (local Chief) of the Lobamba Lomdzala Inkhundla.
Jane Cox, Founder of the Moya Trust has kept a close working relationship with him. He is consulted on many issues related to the Psycho-social support of our children and who guides us on the needs of the community.  Head teachers and staff of our partner schools are working as a team with Moya’s staff to improve the well being of the children and their communities.

Our Staff

AnnAnn Huysmans- Director of the Moya Centre

Ann is at the center of the organization and management of the Moya Centre. Her role is to lead by example, provide leadership and motivation to the staff team. She deals with the day-to-day finances and networks with the different stakeholders of Moya, including the Board of Trustees and the donors. In the past year and a half capacity building of the staff has been her main focus. Ann is the “vane” of the Moya Centre, the guiding eye that points toward the future.

Dumsile Dlamini: ICDP Project Manager – Education Officer

Dumsile is the rock that the Moya Centre rests on; she is responsible for coordinating the Integrated Child Development program  in its entirety. Dumsile manages and offers support to the three departments of the ICDP and consistently strengthens the team at Moya through her dedication and attention to detail. Dumsile also provides school supplies to those in need, advocates for students at our partner schools, and keeps up good relations with all the schools we work with as our Education Officer. Dumsile loves working at Moya because she knows her work will impact the lives of others.

Vuyisile Mavuso: PSS Supervisor of the ICDP Project

VuyisileVuyisile is the driving force and pro-active head of the PSS department. She is equipped with a certificate in Psycho-Social Support and was trained by  ETGPS at the Ministry of Education and she uses such training in addition to her natural understanding and out-going nature to connect with complete strangers on a personal level. Vuyisile is responsible for all referrals to and major interventions of the PSS department, performs random check-ins on caregiver’ cases, buys and delivers monthly food parcels to 14 of the most vulnerable children and families in the community, and interviews potential Sponsored Children while also visiting their homesteads to establish their vulnerability. Even in the most serious situations Vuyisile can be found with a smile that lights up her face and everyone around her.

Thembie Mkhonta: Pre-School Supervisor, Afternoon Club Tutor, and Storyteller

Make Thembie arrived at the Moya Centre in the early 2000s and her influence has been felt strongly since the beginning. Thembie teaches the preschool children at the Moya Centre since its inception in 2005 and graduated from Edugate in 2013. Thembie works closely with Khanyisile to supervise and support the other two preschools run by the Moya Centre in the Lobamba Lomdzala constituency. Thembie also represents a unique and traditionally honored position at Moya by being our chief story-teller.  Thembie uses stories from the traditional cultural history of Africa to illustrate points to preschool children and caregivers alike.  She can be found managing the staff kitchen while reading a storybook to research a story for an upcoming meeting or lesson.

Khanyisile Khumalo: Early Childhood Development Officer

KhanyiKhanyisile is the key supervisor who oversees the informal Early Childhood Development programs for Moya. Khanyisile plans the daily activities of the preschools with Thembie and observes and supports the caregivers who run the Kids Club and the children they look after. Recently she has been venturing in facilitating discussions around child development and social contentedness; such discussions will surely benefit from her attention to detail and understanding of Swazi cultural dynamics. She is serious about doing a good job, is not afraid to speak her mind, and focuses on what’s best for the children in the ECD program.

Masoka Magongo: Driver and Permaculture Officer


              Masoka is the main caretaker and go-to guy at the Moya Centre.  Having recently graduated from an in-depth 15-month permaculture course taught by Guba, Masoka’s main responsibilities include creating schedules and deadlines regarding the work that needs to be done in the supervised gardens, working closely with Carol to motivate people to do permaculture for themselves in the two gardens outside of Moya, and is also the main driver and handyman here at the Moya Centre. Masoka loves getting his hands dirty and enjoys the freedom that comes with being the main driver at the Moya Centre. With his heart in the garden and his hands on the wheel, Masoka is of great support to the Moya Centre and our affiliates.

Nana: Head Cook


Nana prepares food for the children of Moya Centre every single day. While she was hired last November she just started working full-time this  February. Nana has been cooking from a young age and lovingly cooks for her growing family. Nana most enjoyed learning how to cook emahewu which the Moya Centre used to buy from a local brewery. Nana learned a recipe from her family that she now uses at Moya. Before she worked at Moya she cooked emahewu for her family at home but now she’s a real pro!

Community Assistance and Volunteers

Fitzpatrick Adams

Mr Adams

Mr. Adams was introduced to Restorative Justice through the Guidance Teacher’s workshop in 2016 and has formally been a guidance teacher for one year now. He has more than twenty years experience being the Area Commissioner of the Manzini Region for the Boy Scouts where he engaged in Psycho-Social Support, resolved conflicts, managed problems involving OVCYs, and provided sponsorships for disadvantaged Scouts. Mr. Adams found his experiences in the Boy Scouts well prepared him for the concepts and techniques of RJ. He is also a Bishop and founder of the Mercy of God Methodist Church that has two churches, one in Manzini and one in Malkerns where he uses RJ freely.

Winile Nkambule

Mrs Nkambule

Mrs. Nkambule is a recently retired guidance teacher who was working at St. John Bosco High School for twenty years.  With a background in Psycho-Social Support and Positive Discipline Mrs. Nkambule found the tenets of RJ to be right up her alley and supported her experiences.  She has been working with the Moya Centre and the Solon Foundation for a number of years now. Mrs. Nkambule takes a holistic approach to RJ by drawing people to the idea that the support and love of her family, friends, colleagues, and students has been the basis for her growth and career aspirations.  Mrs. Nkambule connected all of the techniques and ideas of RJ to that of her life and those of the lives of people at the RJ workshops to great affect.

Partnered School Counselors

Lobamba National High School:

Mrs. Ginindze and Mr. Ginindza

Lobamba Lomdzala High School:

Mrs. Mseleku and Mr. Nxumalo

St. John Bosco High School:

Mrs. Maseko and Mrs. Malaza

Bethany Mission School:

Mrs. Mkhonta

Mahlanya Community School:

Mrs. Lungile Fakudze

Mphetseni Primary School:

Mrs. Thobile Magongo