Moya’s Founder Jane Cox with our Patron Babe Magingindane Dlamini, Indvuna of Lobamba Lomdzala and other elders of the community

20 Years of Community Nurturing & Support

Over the past 20 years, Moya has taken the lead in selecting services and making resources available to assist the community and thus made Lobamba Lomdzala more autonomous and cohesive

HE Lisa Petersen, Fmr American Ambassador for Eswatini

Over the past years, Moya has assisted four (4) Primary and (4) High partner schools in Lobamba Lomdzala in building essential logistics in order to provide psycho-social support to the entire school community. Simultaneously many educational initiatives were undertaken to strengthen the human resources within the school communities, foremost keeping the social and emotional well-being of children in mind. Staff, admin, and school committee training in basic counseling, positive discipline and restorative justice were the building blocks of these human resources.

Moya believes in capacitating the community for a more sustainable development strategy hence we collaborated with SAHEE Foundation started a three (3) year training program in Developing Parenting Skills for fifty five (55) community caregivers. Mentoring followed for an additional three (3) years through the Integrated Child Development Program for thirty eight (38) caregivers in Perma-culture gardens, Kids Club, Counseling and Monitoring. Moya also started training peer supporters in High Schools and in 2018 extended the program to include partner primary schools.