Moya Centre believes in collaboration and joint effort to develop and empower the community of Lobamba Lomdzala. Interested in collaborating with us? Please reach out to . Please see some of our collaborations below:


The HPL department forged new partnerships in 2020. The Rotary Club in Malkerns have worked closely with our HPL Program Manager on two projects. The first was a collaborative effort to host two youth camps on the Moya grounds. The day camps catered for youth aged 10-13 and 13-16 and focused on health and leadership. This project opened the door for a larger partnership at the Moya community of Mphofane where Moya liaised the Rotary Club with local leadership to upgrade and further develop the community centre, which also houses a Moya community preschool.


A new sport arrived in Eswatini in 2020; Teq Ball. Our HPL manager was quick to connect Moya youth clubs with this socially-distanced activity. Through the Teq Ball Eswatini Association, Moya Youth Clubs were capacitated on the sport and gifted a state-of-the-art Teq ball table. The game was a centerpiece of the Youth Club end of year 2020 event.