#LOVEYOURFIRE: Moya Represented at MTN Bushfire 2019

Moya Centre greatly strengthened our partnership with MTN Bushfire this year, and it could not have gone any better!

A Great Start to 2019 at Moya Centre!

We had a very busy and productive start to 2019 here at Moya!
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Moya Caregiver Shares Her Abundance of Garden Veggies-A Real Spirit of Healthy Living!

Phumzile Howard is one of a kind. As a Community Caregiver for Moya, she received permaculture training though a partnership initiative with another local organization, Guba. From there, this single mother of six committed herself to making the absolute most of her new skill set. Phumzile loves children, and facilitates Kid’s Club meetings twice weekly where she puts a strong emphasis on permaculture, healthy living and the importance of having your own garden, and therefore your own food security. Phumzile has a daughter, Nomfundo, who is an alumnus of Moya, and is one of our success stories. She is currently in medical school in South Africa.

Phumzile, who also serves as a member of the community police, has been very successful with gardening on her homestead, growing both herbs and vegetables. Through the training she received, she has also started to do landscaping on other homesteads to earn an income. Last week, she stopped by the Moya Centre to donate a bunch of veggies she had grown to the children we provide meals to. This concept of sharing when you have an abundance of crops may come natural to Phumzile, but is also taught to all Moya beneficiaries as an aspect of permaculture and healthy living.

Thank you Phumzile for giving our kids fresh vegetables for the whole week!